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Jan. 31st, 2010

Level 75, meripo, and Divine Might!

The past two weeks have pushed Ultre to a whole new level. Unfortunately windower is having issues and I wasn't able to take any pics... :(

Getting Ultre to 75 was actually harder than I expected. For some odd reason, once you hit 73, everyone assumes you only want to play in meirpo's and look for lower level players. This can cause you to sit in frustration as you wait for a imp party, or cause you to go and campaign. Fortunately, I managed to get a mixture of the two and everything worked out.

I began meripo.

Meripo is a endless grind of battles that results in way more exp than any normal party could ever manage. I managed to get 100k exp one day in under five hours, YES, the exp in a meripo is that good! I also learned that being 75 does not make you uber by any means. Other more merited, armored, and simply experienced players were blowing me out of the water damage-wise. This is depressing in some ways, but also encouraging; I can get Ultre up to this level eventually but this will take a while as some of the equipment I need cannot be bought or cost in the millions to acquire

The only thing I don't care about Meirpo is the disregard some of the players have about others. Some will leave without notice, this includes healers or the support jobs. You can get to a meripo just for it to disband moments after you have arrived, and everyone will just shrug: what can you do, refuse to pt with them later when you get invited again? I got into a argument with someone in a pt and it ended up being disbanded (Brd had to leave). Less than a hour later we both were in another Meripo. Fuck our differences, we both want exp, and this is the best you can get.

I have fought every god in Sky now except for Kirin. I missed the Saturday before last because of uncontrollably reasons. This week I wasn't completely happy while in sky. I didn't know my points and I didn't want to bid only to find out I didn't have enough. I passed on everything. Fortunately I know my points now and next week I will definitely be making a bid on a pair of pants.

Jan. 17th, 2010

Seiryu, Suzaku and the level 71 gimp

My first sky run left me with my first taste of true end game. Already I'm gearing myself up for next Saturday, when I'll be 75 and go more than 400 damage on the two gods I fought... combined.

Seiryu was the first god we fought.

This... was unlike any battle I've ever had in this game. Multiple times I thought we were dead; this is totally my end game newbiniess thinking. The alliance had everything under control the entire battle. It was certainly the longest battle I've ever been in also, lasting roughly 20 minutes.

But in the end...

My first god kill. I was next to useless in this fight. It hadn't occurred to me how much those four levels I didn't have, made the difference between me and my team mates. I definitely can never allow myself to be unprepared like this again.

Well son of a bitch! The second god, Suzaku, looks like a big ass chicken (I thought Ross was joking). Damn shame I didn't take any screenshots of him. I did take a screenshot after he died though.

Suzaku was laughably easy compared to Seiryu.

Next week I will be much more prepared and who knows, I might get a item.
Congrats on everyone who got a item this run!

Jan. 15th, 2010

Leveling, Campaign, Idiots... oh my!

This week I grinded 61-71 so I can go to sky tomorrow and fight gods. I don't even care if I get anything, I'll be happy to fight something other than pink birds that constantly steal my crab sushi!

This five day grind has had it's up and downs. I'm now beginning to notice less players on during the week days than I normally would. Are they on the beta, or have they left for good? Damn shame I didn't start really getting into the game until the final days have come. At least I know FFXI won't ever completely shut down, kinda like Phantasy Star Online. Somewhere, years from now, there will be a server that this game can still be played on.

I do hope that they one day get rid of the STUPID FUCKING campaign NPC's, or at least cut their numbers by like 75%. You think I'm being a little drastic? Take a look at these pictures!

Look at that! That is ridiculous, and not to mention lag inducing! FFS, how about less NPC's that are stronger? I'd like to see more than fucking NPC's while in campaign, thanks.

But not everything in campaign is horrible. You can now join a group when you join a battle and at the end of said battle, you get to lot on items that appear in a chest. You can make some serious money if you get lucky and get the highest lot on Wootz ore, or just some dynamis money. Even if you don't get that lucky, you can still get junk items that can sell for modest gil.

Unfortunately, sometimes you run into blithering idiots while leveling. Around level 50-55 I ran into a rdm named Tracie. She would only cure, never dispelled anything and couldn't grasp the concept of removing silence from a nin tank. They don't have magic, right? I had the misfortune of being in two pt's with her. The first I hardly noticed her because we had a competent back up whm that kept us going. Then we had her as main healer in the next pt and she was horrible.

She also had a bunch of str equipment on, but I forgot to take a picture when I was examining her. You'll just have to live with this pic of her leaving after I asked where she bought her account.

Fun times. More next time.

Jan. 10th, 2010

I now have sky access

FUCK YES. I've been waiting for this moment for a couple years now. Many awesome people from the LS partook in a grueling 11 hour run from the beginning of the ZM missions all the way to the Divine Light ZM. Next Saturday I'll be fight a GOD baby!

Jan. 1st, 2010

Happy New Year!

Is it 2010 already? Time sure does fly! Let the days of old close and the new times flow.

Sam is now level 51! That's 51 levels in just about 1 week! I plan to take it all the way to 75, and it might even be my Dynamis job.

Sadly, some things have to change, just like the new year. Since I started playing on NA release; I have farmed in East Saru and always made as much as player farming in higher areas. The last farming session brought that to a close. Goodbye East Saru, as a windurst player, I'll see you again when I unlock SCH.

Dec. 28th, 2009

Idiot in Qufim Island,

It goes without saying that FFXI can be played by people who aren't the brightest light bulbs in the store. This is perfectly fine to me, as long as they do their job; I could care less if it was a parrot controlling that character. But sometimes you'll see players that go under the threshold. Those characters that have trouble talking and standing in real life. I avoid these players like the fucking plague, but sometimes you are fated to run into one of them...

Or a whole god damn party of them! Fortunately I didn't stay around long, but by the time I left the blm was pulling, with a thf present, and the pld wanted to be the healer instead of tank.

Dec. 19th, 2008

It's been a few weeks,

Not much since last update. Red Mage is now level 58. AF 1-3 have been completed. I plan to have full AF for red mage before the week is over.
Beastmaster is out of retirement. I hope to do some duo'ing with other beastmasters.

Another thing recently done with beastmaster...

Beastmaster AF is complete. YAY

I'm getting back into partying. It isn't that bad at the higher levels, but you still got blithering idiots sometimes, but most of the time you have damn decent players. I expect to have redmage to 75 before February.

That's all for now.

Dec. 7th, 2008

So it's about a month

I've been so into the game that I completely forgot about this blog. That's having a head injury for you.

Lets bring you up to date.

I gained three sword merits. I have switched to red mage and it is awesome. Beastmaster has been abandoned for other than high level farming and helping rdm get AF armor.

I know; I worked my ass off to get beastmaster to 75, just to abandon it so suddenely. Well... I plan on doing endgame activities and I don't plan on wasting money switching servers to go to monster inc when I could not like a damn one of them and have a it be a complete of time. Plus, I like Pheonix and have a lot of buddies now.

I'm about to do the weapon AF of redmage. It's already level 54. Yes, I actually go into parties; I LOVE this job and plan to take it to 75 and beyound.

Will post about how the weapon AF went after I'm finished.

Nov. 10th, 2008

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I managed to get my first merit point. It was weird fighting monster that I know will never get any weaker, and the same for the ones I used as pets. I have been spending my time meriting and maxing out my axe skill (My punishment for all that campaigning) in the Boyahda Tree. The lower part is mostly ignored except for leveling my axe skill off spiders and robber crabs. The real spot is the upper floor. This place is cruel and if you don't pay attention, you will die incredibly fast. You might still die even if you follow all the rules.

Lucky for me; I get to charm Korrigan's. THEY ARE RESISTANT TO CHARM! I have fear in my heart each and every time I charm one. I get as far away as possible. I use charm and start running for it, just in case it fails. I'm not being over dramatic about this; these little fuckers are nothing to laugh at; they will destroy you. They are, without a doubt; the most dangerous monster I've had to charm; they make slimes look friendly!

As I was skilling up and trying not to die; I noticed a duo. One was a beastmaster. I jumped at the thought of having others to fight with me in this hellhole. Well; I found out these two are farmers, and then I found out something else; that blew me away. They're both controlled BY THE SAME PERSON!

The two behind me are one person with two computers, controlling them both. CRAZY!

And just for a little campaign fun. Here's a lovely raped picture from campaign.

Good times!

Nov. 9th, 2008

Level 75

Beastmaster is now 75. Next job will be rdm, after I do a little meriting. No pictures this update.

I tend to go camp in merit spots. I can't stand to do anymore campaign...

I also want to do merit the hard way for a little while, since I feel I cheated maxing out bst.

I unlocked Drg and Sam this week. Very easy to unlock. Don't throw away the sam items; it cost about 25k to get them back.

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